McDonnell the Author

If you’re a politician, there’s a tried-and-true way to get relevant or stay relevant, roll out new ideas or defend old ones.

Write a book.

See, of late: Eric Cantor, George Allen, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney…oh, and this guy named Barack Obama.

So is Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) sharpening his pencil?


At the end of a lengthy pre-session interview, McDonnell said he’s passionate about writing op-ed pieces and short articles on the topic of federalism.

“I haven’t really thought about a book but I’ve thought about entering into the discussion on that topic,” he said.

When pressed, he didn’t rule out the idea of writing a book on federalism.

“I think every time you write a book, there are obviously people who think you must be running for another office and I want to dispel those rumors,” McDonnell said.

“But I do want to help to make sure we have a good, effective, orderly government at every level and that’s something I feel really strongly about.”

Here’s the video:

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