NYPD: Times Square Shooter Had Gun Stolen in Va

The man killed Thursday in an exchange of gunfire with New York City police had a submachine gun that was reported stolen in Richmond, an investigator tells NBC29.

NYPD Det. Martin Speechley would not say whether the gun — a MAC-10 —  was orginially purchased in Virginia.

The man carrying it, Raymond Martinez, was shot and killed by a plainclothes officer near the taxi stand of a midtown Manhattan hotel. No one else was hurt.

Martinez had the business card of a Virginia gun dealer in his pocket, Speechley said. The detective would not confirm which gun dealer was listed on the card.

According to the Associated Press, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Friday that the shooting is proof that there are “too many guns on the streets.”

The Big Apple has a long and complicated history when it comes to Virginia’s gun laws.

Back in April, Bloomberg financed a campaign ad in the Virginia governor’s race that dealt with the state’s so-called gun show loophole.

And in 2006, New York City filed a lawsuit against gun dealers, including several here in the Commonwealth.

Then-Attorney General Bob McDonnell bristled at the concept, saying Bloomberg had no jurisdiction.

This year, the National Rifle Association — which endorsed McDonnell for governor — ran an ad criticizing Bloomberg’s intervention in Virginia gun laws and telling Virginia voters to “send New York a message.”

To be clear, there’s not yet an indication that Virginia did or did not do anything that led to this shooting.

But Bloomberg has said in the past that loose gun laws here and in other states make it easier for firearms to end up in the wrong hands, eventually leading to more crime in New York.

Gun rights supporters say that claim is unfounded.

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