Marsden Makes Senate Bid Official

As expected, Del. Dave Marsden (D-Fairfax) announced Thursday that he will run for the state Senate seat vacated by Attorney General-elect Ken Cuccinelli.

Democrats are not fielding a candidate in the other special election — for the Hampton Roads seat that will fall empty after Sen. Ken Stolle (R) was elected Virginia Beach sheriff.

That means Democrats’ only chance to widen their lead in the Senate — and make it more difficult for Republicans to flip control of the chamber — is to pick-up the Cuccinelli seat.

Marsden’s announcement press release is after the jump.

Delegate Dave Marsden Announces Campaign for State Senate
“It’s a serious time and our state government needs to get to work creating jobs and growing Virginia’s economy.  Fairfax residents need traffic relief and help protecting our children’s education and our quality of life.” 
(BURKE, VA)   Today, Virginia Delegate Dave Marsden announced his campaign for the 37th Senate seat in Fairfax County.  The current state Senator, Ken Cuccinelli, will be leaving the Senate to become Virginia’s Attorney General after his electoral victory on November 3rd.
“Let’s face it: government is not working like it should for regular people and our small businesses.    We are in the midst of a serious economic downturn and we need to focus on creating jobs, helping regular people and small businesses, and growing our economy,” said Delegate Dave Marsden.
Marsden, a resident of Fairfax County since 1952, noted: “Fairfax County has a unique quality of life that needs to be protected.  I’ve been here nearly all my life and have seen the County grow from 40,000 people to over a million. I watched Centreville, Chantilly and Westfield High Schools being built and worked with their staffs on public safety issues.  We need to make sure our schools maintain their quality – the key to our homes regaining their value.”
Dave Marsden has represented the 41st House District for four years.  Ten of his fourteen precincts lie within the boundaries of the 37th Senate District.  Almost 30% of the residents of the 37th Senate District reside in Dave’s House District.
“People here are just fed up.  They’re tired of the fact that state government can’t get its act together to provide any real traffic relief.  Everyone tells us that we are the economic engine of the state, but they won’t do a thing to help us with one of our biggest problems, traffic.  It’s unbelievable, disheartening and makes all of us angry.  If the folks in Richmond who were responsible for funding roads and providing mass transit had our commutes, this problem would have been addressed long ago.  People are tired of lip service, and so am I.”
Now Virginia must face another round of budget cuts due to a continuing decrease in state revenues because of the nation’s economic woes.  Marsden said, “Look, this is a serious time and we have got to stop messing around.  We are going to have to cut another $3 billion from the state budget, and I am going to do my best to make sure that Fairfax County gets its fair share of revenue from Richmond.   Fairfax sends so much money to Richmond and the rest of the state, it’s time we started to look out for ourselves more.”
Dave Marsden is Director/Consultant at Development Services Group and provides consulting services to states and localities about how to successfully work with juvenile offenders and gangs.  He previously worked for the juvenile court in Fairfax for 29 years and ran the juvenile detention center for 17 years.  He served as Chief Deputy and Acting Director of the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice under Governors Warner and Gilmore.  He lives in Burke with his wife, Julia.  Together they raised their three children Nathan, Stuart and Connor.

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