McDonnell Looks Ahead

Governor-elect Bob McDonnell (R) said his focus during the next two months will be keeping his campaign promises.

“I intend to hold myself accountable for everything I said I was going to do,” McDonnell said during his first post-election press conference.

He said there will be room for people of all political backgrounds in his cabinet.

“I want to bring people into this administration that are focused really on one thing and that is getting results for the citizens of Virginia.”

The governor-elect also announced the beginnings of his transition team.

Campaign manager Phil Cox will lead the turnover. Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling (R), Attorney General Bill Mims (R) and Dominion CEO Tom Farrell — a childhood friend — will also be on board.

Longtime McDonnell spokesman Tucker Martin will lead the transition’s communications effort.

McDonnell said there will be more staffing and policy announcements in the coming weeks — including what the new GOP team will pursue during its first legislative session.

This weekend, the governor-elect and his family will take some time off, traveling north to attend the Notre Dame vs. Navy football game.

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