Deeds Stumps in C’ville

From NBC29’s Henry Graff

CHARLOTTESVILLE — If Creigh Deeds believed the polls he would have packed up his campaign and quit a long time ago. But the man who came from way behind to win the nomination away from Terry McAuliffe says he’s going to surprise all of the political pundits on Election Day.

Deeds’ chances of winning the election come down to turnout. He’s beaten the odds before and says he’ll do it again.Voter turnout was the hot topic at a final rally for the democrats on Charlottesville’s downtown mall as they push for Deeds to be Virginia’s next governor.

The pressure is also on for the state’s current governor. Tim Kaine wears the hat of Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, in charge of putting democrats in office.

“We know who our voters are.  They turned out last year.  They helped us win a big win.  If we can get them out again we’ll win,” Kaine said.

Flanked by statewide candidates Jody Wagner and Steve Shannon, Kaine fired up supporters to get out the vote.

Deeds, meanwhile, came forward with his own message.

“I’ve got a positive vision that will take Virginia forward,” he said. “I can create jobs in every corner of the Commonwealth.  I’m going to finally bring people together.”

Even though Deeds is behind in most polls, he told the crowd that the only poll that counts is the one on Election Day.

“I like his modesty,” said Deeds supporter Malcolm Bell. “I like the fact that he’s from Bath County.  I like the fact that he’s an authentic Virginian.”

Deeds wrapped up his tour in his hometown of Millboro in Bath County. Tuesday, Deeds will vote there and then head back to Charlottesville to work the polls in the afternoon.

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