Road to Richmond: Federal Issues

Perhaps some of the most heated — and most personal — rhetoric during this year’s race for governor came up thanks to federal measures, including a controversial energy bill up for debate in Congress.

Things that happen in Washington, D.C., dramatically impact the businesses and the lives of Virginians, Republican nominee Bob McDonnell said during a campaign swing in August.

He says the so-called cap-and-trade energy bill — which requires power companies to invest in alternative sources — is a giant tax on Virginians.

They don’t want more big government programs from Washington to solve their problems, McDonnell said last month.

He says his opponent, Democrat Creigh Deeds, supports the measure. It’s a charge Deeds denies.

I‘ve said multiple times now in front of Bob I don’t support the bill, Deeds said emphatically at a debate in Fairfax in September.

Now you said you won’t support the bill as written but we know what that means,” McDonnell said to Deeds at the same event.

During several debates, Deeds accused McDonnell of bending — and even breaking — the truth.

He’s spending hundreds of thousands of dollars downstate lying to people about my record right now,” Deeds said. “I don’t support the bill. I‘m not gonna support a bill.”

Deeds claims this race is not about federal issues and never has been. He says voters care about the economy and transportation.

I resent the heck out of Bob McDonnell and others making this– trying to make this a state issue, Deeds told me during an interview earlier this year.

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