What’s for Dinner?

Richmond’s Style Weekly newspaper has a great multi-page article on the race for Virginia governor that includes a Q&A session with the candidates.

I love question 16: “If you were to invite us over for dinner, what’s the best meal you could make?”

The answers, which give us a nice flavor of the pair’s abilities in the kitchen, are after the jump.

DEEDS: I can fry a chicken that you’d die for. I could probably introduce you to some venison steak that you would probably want to make a regular part of your diet. My wife is unbelievable — she makes this potato salad that is life-changing, almost. And she makes this corn-bread dressing that is just unbelievable, to kill for — the garlic, it’s just unbelievable. When I was a little boy, I loved to eat Ruritan Club chicken, you know, this vinegar- and oil-based barbecue sauce, and in 1987 I joined the Ruritan Club so I could learn how to make the chicken. While this campaign has kept me on the road … I’ve not cooked chicken for nearly a year and a half that way — I love to cook barbecue chicken.

McDONNELL: [Laughs] That I could personally cook? You know, I’m OK. I’ve been a little rusty lately because it’s been microwave and fast food lately. I can cook some great spaghetti. I’ve got some pretty good salmon dishes that I’ve been able to make over time. But you know what, I’m pretty much a grill with chicken, hot dogs, pork loin, hamburgers — that’s probably my best skill, is the grill.”

As an avid cook, I’d jump at the chance to try Deeds’ venison steak and McDonnell’s spaghetti.

Had someone thought of it earlier, a cook-off between the two men would have made for memorable television…

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