About That Obama Visit…

Next week, President Barack Obama will spend part of three days campaigning for Democratic candidates for office.

If  you thought he’d be stopping in Virginia to stump for gubernatorial nominee Creigh Deeds, think again. At least for now.

Tuesday, Obama will raise money for the Democratic National Committee and for the party’s candidate in the special election for New York’s 23rd District Congressional seat, Bill Owens. The seat came up for grabs when Obama nominated Rep. John McHugh (R) to be the secretary of the Army.

Thursday, the president will be at a New Jersey rally for Gov. John Corzine, who’s running neck-and-neck in the polls against GOP nominee Chris Christie.

And Friday, Mr. Obama will attend fundraisers for Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd and for Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick — both of whom don’t face re-election until next year.

If you’re on the Deeds campaign, you must be feeling a little peeved. This schedule — without an announced stop in Virginia — only fuels speculation that the president wants to avoid a close personal association with a losing campaign.

That said, maybe Deeds knows something we don’t.

Thursday, he told Ryan Nobles of Richmond’s NBC12 that President Obama will be back in the Commonwealth to campaign with Deeds before Nov. 3.

Here’s the transcript:

Ryan Nobles: Is President Obama going to comeback to Virginia and campaign on your behalf?

Creigh Deeds: President Obama will be back in Virginia, yes.

Ryan Nobles: But to campaign for you?

Creigh Deeds: He will be back to campaign for me. You know he has been in Virginia a number of times, on you know Government policy, I did not feel like it was appropriate for me to cross the line and try to blur politics with policy.

Ryan Nobles: But you say, within the next 19 days we will see you and Barack Obama, standing on a stage in Virginia.

Creigh Deeds: You will, yes.

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