Ah, politics…

From the always entertaining world of politics, I bring you this: a release from Minnesota Democrats criticizing jet-setting Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R).

The document has now made it to reporters in other states, courtesy the Democratic National Committee:

“Governor Pawlenty will make an appearance in Minnesota today, taking a break from his hectic schedule of traveling the country with his campaign team of Bush advisors. Spending most of his time on the road these days, Governor Pawlenty’s more-of-the-same mentality and personal ambitions have made him little more than a suave hit man pandering to right-wing extremists. The governor refuses to engage on the issues even when he does occasionally visit Minnesota, and he has left Minnesotans to deal with the historic budget deficit that he is dumping on the next governor. But his brief appearance today raises an interesting question: When the governor is away, who is minding the shop?”

It’s interesting, because the statement sounds awfully similar to what Virginia Republicans say about Gov. Tim Kaine (D) when he travels outside the Commonwealth as DNC chairman.

Kaine’s defense against the GOP critique is generally this: Kaine works on state business every day, no matter where he travels.

It never does much to satisfy Republicans here.

I’d be willing to wager that Pawlenty offers a similar defense, which will do little to satisy Democrats in his home state.

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