New Ads Highlight Campaign Themes

If you want to know what to expect from Virginia’s gubernatorial candidates between now and Election Day, look no further than the latest round of advertising.

It all boils down to two words: taxes and thesis.

The GOP will continue to hammer Democratic nominee Creigh Deeds for hinting at a tax increase to pay for transportation improvements. Expect to see lots of Deeds’ disastrous scrum with reporters following the Fairfax Chamber debate.

Republican Bob McDonnell and his team use a long clip of that gaggle in a new spot, airing statewide for the remainder of the campaign:

And the scrum makes another appearance in a new Republican Governors Association spot. (Yours truly has a starring role, along with the Washington Post’s Bob McCartney):

Democrats, meanwhile, plan to keep pounding away at McDonnell’s views on social issues. Ever since the Post reported on McDonnell’s controversial graduate thesis, the Deeds campaign has flooded the airwaves with unrelenting criticism.

A new Deeds ad, focused on social issues, hits televisions today and will run statewide until Election Day:

By my count, this is at least the fifth Deeds-sponsored commercial focused on McDonnell’s views on social issues. McDonnell has used television ads to respond to that criticism at least three times, including a new spot out today:

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