Kaine’s September Travel

Gov. Tim Kaine’s (D) office has released has released his travel schedule for the month of September. It includes several out-of-state trips, including visits to Texas, Vermont and New York.

Kaine’s staff does not say why the governor traveled where he did, other than to note that the records show trips on state, personal and Democratic Party business.

The day-by-day records are after the jump.

Sept. 1 Richmond, Fairfax, Alexandria, Washington, Richmond

Sept. 2 Richmond, Burlington and Norwich (Vermont), Richmond

Sept. 3 Richmond

Sept. 4 Richmond

Sept. 5 Richmond

Sept. 6 Richmond, Dublin, Harrisonburg, Lexington

Sept. 7 Buena Vista, Newport News, Richmond

Sept. 8 Richmond

Sept. 9 Richmond, Dallas and Brownsville (Texas)

Sept. 10 Brownsville and Austin (Texas)

Sept. 11 Austin (Texas)

Sept. 12 Austin (Texas), Richmond

Sept. 13 Richmond, Roanoke

Sept. 14 Roanoke, Richmond

Sept. 15 Richmond

Sept. 16 Richmond, Washington, Richmond

Sept. 17 Richmond, Norfolk, Fort Eustis, Richmond

Sept. 18 Richmond

Sept. 19 Richmond

Sept. 20 Richmond

Sept. 21 Richmond, New York, Greenwich (Connecticut), New York

Sept. 22 New York, Richmond

Sept. 23 Richmond, Washington, Richmond

Sept. 24 Richmond, McLean, Winchester, Richmond

Sept. 25 Richmond, Charlottesville, Richmond

Sept. 26 Richmond, Washington, Richmond

Sept. 27 Richmond

Sept. 28 Richmond

Sept. 29 Richmond, Washington, Alexandria, Arlington, McLean, Richmond

Sept. 30 Richmond, Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Richmond

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