First on NBC29: Hamilton Ethics Panel Meets

PhilHamilton_R93iThe House ethics panel investingating Del. Phil Hamilton (R-Newport News) met behind closed doors Tuesday at the State Capitol, sources tell NBC29.

Members of the House Ethics Advisory Panel convened shortly after 10 a.m. to discuss allegations that Hamilton helped create and fund a teaching center at Old Dominion University while simultaneously seeking employment at the school.

Federal authorities are conducting a separate investigation into the powerful Republican legislator’s activities.

Hamilton was not called to appear at the meeting, which was closed to the press and the public.

A spokesman for the state’s Division of Legislative Services would neither confirm nor deny that the meeting took place.

Visitor logs maintained by the Virginia Capitol Police show several members of the ethics panel signed into the General Assembly Building Tuesday morning.

One member listed “ethics” as his purpose for visiting the GAB.

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