Money Flows into Delegate Races

As promised, here is a quick look at the latest fundrasing numbers for some of the more interesting House of Delegates races.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it does include some of the “must watch” races for November.


Two-term Democrat Del. Shannon Valentine is a GOP target this go-round. Republicans have fielded Scott Garrett, a physician who serves on the Lynchburg City Council. Although the two candidates raised nearly the same amount this period, Valentine’s bank account is crushing Garrett’s.

Del. Shannon Valentine's portraits



Valentine: $68,688 raised; $226,037 on hand






Garrett: $68,262 raised; $32,090 on hand


Freshman Del. Margi Vanderhye (D) barely won in 2007, and Republicans believe they’ve fielded an incredibly strong candidate in Barbara Comstock, a former Bush administration official.

Comstock outraised Vanderhye this period and finished August with more money in the bank. She added to that total Tuesday night, thanks to a DC fundraiser with former Bush adviser Karl Rove. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) will appear with Comstock next week.






Vanderhye: $54,788 raised; $132,578 on hand






Comstock: $60,422 raised; $158,215 on hand


Del. Dave Albo (R) is facing a tough rematch with challenger Greg Werkheiser (D). Fairfax is trending bluer than ever, and Democrats would love to pick up Albo’s seat — and boot the powerful Republican off important committees.

Werkheiser raised twice as much money as Albo pulled in, but Albo has more cash on hand heading into the home stretch.

Dave Albo_R42i





Albo: $53,726 raised; $144,812 on hand

Greg Werkheiser_D42





Werkheiser: $144,206 raised; $80,156 on hand


Del. Rob Bell (R) has great name recognition and is popular, especially in Greene and Fluvanna counties. Democrats would love to put former IBM executive Cynthia Neff into this seat, which Thomas Jefferson once held.

Bell out-fundraised Neff this period and has a tremendous cash advantage, which will help him this fall.






Bell: $82,258 raised; $570,251 on hand






Neff: $28,804 raised; $83,716 on hand


This was already a high-profile race — and then Del. Phil Hamilton (R) was accused of ethics violations and statewide Republicans asked him to step down. Hamilton refused, saying he’s received warm responses from his constituents.

Robin Abbott (D) is Hamilton’s toughest competitor in decades and is raising significant sums of money, though she hasn’t caught up to the incumbent.






Hamilton: $137,301 raised; $207, 208 on hand






Abbott: $68,833 raised; $108,372 on hand

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One Response to Money Flows into Delegate Races

  1. Nemo says:

    I think 70 % of robin abbotts cash on hand is from one source.

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