Deeds Advisers Target McDonnell in Call

Senior advisers to Democratic gubernatorial nominee Creigh Deeds are highlighting comments Republican nominee Bob McDonnell made Friday in a radio interview.

“[The interivew is] another example of Bob McDonnell trying to re-write his record,” said Mo Elleithee, a senior Deeds strategist.

The conversation, broadcast on powerful NoVa station WTOP, included an exchange in which host Mark Plotkin pressed McDonnell about voting against a resolution for a ceremonial “equal pay day.”

The gist of the conversation was this: Plokin asked McDonnell why, if one supports the idea of equal pay for men and women, would a person vote against a seemingly innocuous resolution?

McDonnell responded that the vote was for a “ceremonial resolution,” that would do little to advance that cause. He said he supports equal pay and that “what people are concerned about is not style, but substance.”

Here’s the rub for the Deeds campaign:

Elleithee said McDonnell voted for a resolution that asserted the landmark abortion case Roe v. Wade would likely be overturned. And within two weeks of voting against the equal pay resolution, Elleithee claims, McDonnell supported measures commending the Future Farmers of America and the YMCA.

“I think his argument today…rings hollow,” Elleithee said.

The Deeds campaign claim is that the vote on the equal pay resolution supports the statement McDonnell made in his 1989 Master’s thesis that working women were a detriment to the traditional family.

Expect Deeds to hit McDonnell hard on this point at next week’s debate in Fairfax.

UPDATE, 7:53 p.m., with McDonnell Response from spokeswoman Crystal Cameron:

“We heard they held a conference call today. We are not surprised to find it once again was about the past, and had nothing to do with policy proposals for Virginia’s future. That’s the campaign Creigh is running: divisive and backwards looking. It’s disappointing.”

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One Response to Deeds Advisers Target McDonnell in Call

  1. Idontknowmyself says:

    As an independent in Northern Virginia, I find Deeds campaign bizarre full of personal attacks and NOTHING ORIGINAL about himself. In fact, by now I know who Bob McDonnell was 25-30 years ago and I have seen his track record myself when he was Attorney General. However, I haven’t got a clue what Deeds stands for and it doesn’t sound like he knows how to act in NoVA either. I feel much more comfortable with Bob who seems pragmatic with his approach to Virginia’s problems. It is time for some real leadership and not the same old lip service we just heard last year in the presidential race.

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