Kaine’s August Travel

Gov. Tim Kaine’s (D) office released the following city-by-city of account of Kaine’s travel for the month of August. The governor spent a week on vacation with his family at Virginia Beach in the middle of the month.

From Kaine Press Secretary Gordon Hickey:

“Below is information on Governor Kaine’s whereabouts by city for the month of August. The dates represent a combination of state work, work in his role as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and personal time.
Aug. 1 Richmond, Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.
Aug. 2 Nantucket, Richmond
Aug. 3 Richmond, Virginia Beach, Richmond
Aug. 4 Richmond
Aug. 5 Richmond
Aug. 6 Richmond, McLean, Richmond
Aug. 7 Richmond, Virginia Beach
Aug. 8 Virginia Beach
Aug. 9 Virginia Beach
Aug. 10 Virginia Beach
Aug. 11 Virginia Beach
Aug. 12 Virginia Beach
Aug. 13 Virginia Beach
Aug. 14 Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Virginia Beach
Aug. 15 Virginia Beach, Richmond
Aug. 16 Richmond
Aug. 17 Richmond
Aug. 18 Richmond
Aug. 19 Richmond
Aug. 20 Richmond, New Jersey, Richmond
Aug. 21 Richmond, Williamsburg
Aug. 22 Williamsburg
Aug. 23 Williamsburg
Aug. 24 Williamsburg, Richmond
Aug. 25 Richmond, Washington DC, Richmond
Aug. 26 Richmond
Aug 27 Richmond, Louisville
Aug. 28 Louisville, Nashville, Birmingham
Aug. 29 Birmingham, Richmond
Aug. 30 Richmond
Aug. 31 Richmond”

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