Deeds Slams McDonnell in NoVa Speech

In a speech billed as a “defining moment” for his campaign, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Creigh Deeds today broke little new ground, but continued to turn up the heat on Republican Bob McDonnell.

Speaking to supporters at George Mason University in Fairfax, Deeds said McDonnell is outside the mainstream on hot-button social issues such as abortion, birth control and stem cell research.

“This single-minded crusade has been his priority and his focus,” Deeds said of his opponent. “He believes that his social agenda should come before sound public policy and his record, his career in politics, reflects that.”

Deeds also hit McDonnell on economic issues, continuing an attack on McDonnell’s support for former President George W. Bush’s financial policies, and claiming that McDonnell was an obstructionist during his time  in the General Assembly.

“This election is about creating economic opportunity in every corner of the Commonwealth and my opponent has a record of consistently opposing every chance to do so,” Deeds said.

He also continued his emphasis on education. Deeds claims McDonnell’s transportation proposal would take billions of dollars away from classrooms across Virginia.

“Taking money from schools to build roads is a non-starter in a Deeds administration.”

Republicans quickly fired back, saying Deeds tried — and failed — to hit the “reset button” on a fledgling campaign.

“In political campaigns, there is no reset button,” said Pat Mullins, chairman of the state GOP.

Mike Schrimpf, a spokesman for the Republican Governors Association, repeated the claim that Deeds does not have a definitive transportation plan.

“It’s not surprising that Deeds again dodged the transportation issue,” Schrimpf said in a statement. “After all, had [Deeds] actually detailed his plan it would have included terrible news for the taxpayers: a massive tax increase.”

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