Deeds Spokesman: “Joe is my boss”

Staffers and surrogates for Democratic gubernatorial nominee Creigh Deeds are denying reports that campaign manager Joe Abbey has been re-assigned.

“Joe is the campaign manager and Joe is my boss,” said Deeds spokesman Jared Leopold.

News that Abbey had been canned exploded online this afternoon. Many of those dispatches cited University of Virginia political scientist Larry J. Sabato, who said Abbey would stay on with the campaign in an advisory role.

Sabato also said that longtime Virginia political hands Kevin Mack and Monica Dixon would be calling all the shots for the campaign.

Leopold denied the shake-up, saying Mack and Dixon had been with the campaign for some time.

He also said that “everyone has taken on more” responsibilities in an effort to win in November.

Earlier this week, Mo Elleithee signed on as a senior communications adviser to Deeds’ effort. Elleithee  ran communications for Terry McAuliffe’s failed bid for governor, worked on Mark Warner’s  succesful gubernatorial campaign and has participated in a number of national efforts.

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