McDonnell Hits the Road

Bob McDonnell, the GOP nominee for governor, takes off Saturday on a month-long RV tour of the Commonwealth.

The trip, dubbed by the campaign as McDonnell’s “New Jobs, More Opportunities” tour, will zig-zag across the state until Labor Day. That’s when the RV will roll up to the annual Buena Vista parade.

McDonnell’s road trip comes as Democrat Creigh Deeds finishes his week-long tour of Southside, Southwest and Central Virginia.

One interesting note to point out: it appears McDonnell’s campaign has had their RV professionally “wrapped” in campaign wallpaper. Looks like logos that are printed on the side of city buses or commercial trucks. Deeds’ RV had campaign yard signs hand-taped to the sides.

Perhaps the Deeds campaign will use the money saved on the RV design to run a knockout television ad later in the campaign.

Is this indicative of a difference in spending priorities? In marketing strategies? In political savvy? Or is this just over-analyzing minutae?

What do you think? Let me know what you think in the comments section.

Picture of the RVs are after the jump.

McDonnell RV (photo courtesy McDonnell campaign, which undoubtedly wanted this comparison to be made).



Deeds RV


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One Response to McDonnell Hits the Road

  1. john reyerson says:

    It looks like McDonnell wins on RVs. Seems like he’s out working Deeds on everything they do.

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