Former GOP Lawmakers Back Deeds

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Creigh Deeds touted the support of former Republican lawmakers, hoping to show voters he’s committed to bi-partisanship.

Deeds said the endorsements are meaningful because the legislators worked with him and with Republican gubernatorial nominee Bob McDonnell.

“[Deeds has] never let the R or the D or the I get in the way,” said former state Sen. Russ Potts (R-Winchester) of Deeds’ bi-partisan efforts.

The full list of lawmakers, per the Deeds camp, after the jump.

  • Sen. Brandon Bell (R. – Roanoke Co.) – Member of Senate: 1992-96; 2004-2008.
  • Sen. John Chichester (R. – Stafford)  – Member of Senate: 1978-2008. Elected President pro tempore of the Senate, 2000. Former Chair of Finance Committee.
  • Sen. Russ Potts (R. – Winchester) – Member of Senate: 1992-2008. President, Russ Potts Productions, Inc.
  • Sen. Marty Williams   (R. – Newport News) – Member of Senate: 1996-2008. Former Chair of Transportation Committee.
  • Sen. Warren E. Barry (R. – Fairfax) – Member of the House of Delegates: 1970-1983. Member of the Senate: 1992-2002.
  • Del. Anne G. “Panny” Rhodes (R. – Richmond) – Member of the House of Delegates: 1992-2001.
  • Del. Katherine Waddell (I. – Richmond) – Member of House of Delegates: 2006-2008. Founder, Virginia Republican Majority for Choice. Former aide to Lt. Gov. John Hager.
  • Del. Jim Dillard (R. – Fairfax) – Member of House of Delegates:  1972-1977, 1980-2005. Former Chair of Education Committee.
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