McDonnell Snags $1.8 Million in June

Republican Bob McDonnell collected $1.8 million for his gubernatorial campaign during the May 28-June 30 reporting period, according to finance numbers reported to the State Board of Elections.

McDonnell finished the month with nearly $5 million in the bank.

His campaign reports about 3,400 donors this go-round, including about 2,200 who gave $100 or less.

McDonnell’s campaign manager, Phil Cox, criticized Democrat Creigh Deeds for accepting donations from unions.

“While a significant amount of our opponents’ money was drawn from the compulsory dues of union members nationwide and the Democratic Governors Association, we were receiving the voluntary support of over 2,100 individual donors,” Cox said in a news release.

McDonnell’s campaign says that three-quarters of the Republican’s donors this period are from inside the Commonwealth. 

However, according to the  non-partisan Virginia Public Access Project, just 30% of McDonnell’s 2009 donations are from in-state. That number includes large contributions from the Republican Governors Association, which did not donate to McDonnell this period.

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