It’s a Small World After All

First, a disclaimer: this post will cause little excitement for those of you who aren’t political nerds.

That said, here’s something to chew on:

What do Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia’s GOP attorney general nominee, and Andre Bauer, South Carolina’s lieutenant governor have in common?

The answer isn’t what. It’s who.

Turns out, both men share a national political consultant, Chris LaCivita.

LaCivita, an ex-Marine, is no stranger to Virginia campaigns. He worked on George Allen’s senatorial campaign against Jim Webb back in 2006. He also wrote and produced commercials for the SwiftBoat Veterans for Truth during the 2004 presidential campaign. Those ads helped solidifiy John Kerry’s loss that year.

Now, he’s helping Cuccinelli shape his message during the battle for Virginia’s top prosecutor.

In addition to helping elect some politicans, it appears that LaCivita is working to oust others.

The New York Times reports LaCivita is pushing to boot South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford (R) from office. According to the Times, LaCivita e-mailed another Republican operative:

“André Bauer is my client; I’ve been working this since Monday. I need to get this guy (Sanford) out,” LaCivita wrote, referring to the embattled governor.

To be clear, it’s quite common for political consultants to work for multiple candidates in multiple states at the same time. And LaCivita’s involvement in the South Carolina fiasco probably means little for the Cuccinelli race.

But it does seem to reflect the type of aggressive campaign Cuccinelli has run to date.

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