McDonnell Camp: Sanford Connection a “Non-issue”

Troubled South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford (R) helped Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell raise $750,000, according to campaign finance information.

The Republican Governors Association, which Sanford chaired, donated the cash to McDonnell’s campaign following an event in early May. Both Sanford and McDonnell attended that event, McDonnell campaign spokeswoman Crystal Cameron confirmed tonight.

Sanford resigned his post as RGA chairman today, after admitting he was unfaithful to his wife with a woman he met in Argentina.

“[McDonnell’s] thoughts and prayers are with the Sanford family,” Cameron said.

She added that the fundraising connection is a “non-issue” because it’s common for Sanford, in his role as RGA chairman, to help raise cash for Republican gubernatorial hopefuls.

It’s important to note that Sanford never directly hit the trail for McDonnell, nor did he personally donate money to McDonnell’s campaign.

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