RPV: Where is Kaine?

The Republican Party of Virginia has requested Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine’s travel records under the state’s Freedom of Information Act.

RPV has asked the governor to provide information pertaining to his daily schedule since Jan. 21 — the date Kaine became chairman of the Democratic National Committee.  The state GOP also wants to know how much Kaine’s security detail for out-of-state trips cost and who paid for it.

“We’re expecting them to comply with the laws of the Commonwealth,” said RPV Chairman Pat Mullins during a conference call this morning.

The state GOP also released a web video attacking Kaine’s travel record.

Mullins said that the state’s economic challenges require a governor who is “at the helm” full time.

Del. Chris Saxman (R-Staunton) was also on the conference call. Saxman said Republicans “don’t fault” Kaine for taking the DNC job. He said the GOP just wants to make sure the governor focuses first on the Commonwealth.

Kaine is attending a Democrat fundraiser in Kansas City today, and has made other DNC-related trips over the past few months.

The governor’s office typically releases only Kaine’s public schedule as governor. It does not usually include party events. His staff has previously cited security concerns for not releasing his travel records.

“The only thing they want to hide from the voters of Virginia…is when [Kaine] leaves the state to raise money,” Mullins said.

Lynda Tran, Kaine’s communications director, said she has security and privacy concerns related to the request.

Tran told me that Kaine’s past travel records show patterns that could be used to predict the governor’s future travel plans.

Plus, she said, the RPV cited a number of Friday and Saturday night events during the conference call and in the web video.

“Even the governor has a right to enjoy himself on the weekends,” she said.

Tran also pointed out that Kaine’s parents live in Kansas City and the primary purpose of his trip was to spend time with his father for Father’s Day.

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