DGA Poll Shows Deeds Leads

Surprised? A poll sponsored by the Democratic Governor’s Association shows the Democratic candidate for governor is leading his GOP opponent.

Nonetheless, we political junkies like polling numbers, so I’ve broken them down after the break.

On the question of who people would vote for were the election today, Creigh Deeds (D) leads Bob McDonnell (R).

Deeds 42%

McDonnell 38%

On whether people have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of the candidates:

Deeds 48% favorable, 14% unfavorable

McDonnell 43% favorable, 19% unfavorable.

The DGA is touting the television ads — millions of dollars worth — that it helped air in Virginia that “educated voters” about McDonnell’s “heartless rejection” of $125 million dollars in federal unemployment stimulus cash.

Both candidates have maintained very strong favorable ratings, McDonnell included. The DGA ads might have hurt him some, but analysts say it’s unlikely that a lot of voters really paid attention to the spots this far away from the general election.

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