Deeds Leads?

Just in case you haven’t gotten your fill of poll numbers yet, here’s another set.

A Rasmussen poll released today shows Democratic gubernatorial nominee Creigh Deeds with a six-point lead over Republican nominee Bob McDonnell.

Common Sense Virginia, a Democrat-backed group that’s attacked McDonnnell, is touting the new numbers. But there’s good news here for Republicans, too.

On the question of who they would support if the election were held today, a majority of those surveyed picked Deeds.

Deeds 47%

McDonnell 41%

Other candidate 2%

Undecided 10%

McDonnell led all three potential Democratic opponents in recent polls, so this could just be the typical post-primary bounce for Deeds. The telephone poll of 500 likely voters was conducted Wednesday and has a margin of error of +/- 4.5%.

It’s also worth noting that a majority of voters have at least a somewhat favorable opinion of both candidates, although that’s not terribly surprising.

The pollsters also put the following questions to their interview subjects:

 Which gubernatorial candidate do you trust more on taxes….Robert McDonnell or Creigh Deeds?

 McDonnell 44%

Deeds 36%

Not sure 20%

 Which candidate do you trust more to cut government spending?

 McDonnell 39%

Deeds 33%

Not sure 27%

 Which candidate is more likely to confront Virginia’s transportation problems?

Deeds 43%

McDonnell 29%

Not sure 28 %

Interesting that Deeds — who has pledged to fix transportation in his first year in office — has a sizeable lead on the issue.

Of course all this comes with the disclaimer that election day is still about five months away and EVERYTHING could change between now and then.

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