It’s Here!

After all the spending and talking and bickering, Primary Day is finally here. Polls opened at 6 a.m. and will remain open until 7:00 tonight.

I’ll do my best to provide regular updates here throughout the day and night.

A few starting points for this important day after the jump.

Polls: Most still show Creigh Deeds leading Terry McAuliffe and Brian Moran. That said, most surveys also show a decent percentage (double-digits) of voters who say they’re undecided. If those people vote, and which way they break, could change tonight’s outcome.

Money: According to AP’s Bob Lewis, the three candidates have raised more than $15 million for this primary fight. As I reported last night, they pulled in about a million bucks in the last week alone.

Weather: The forecast calls for typical June weather — muggy today, spotty thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. Could that affect turnout? History tells us yes.

Regions: How does Deeds do in NoVa, after winning the Washington Post endorsement and pouring lots of time and money into the region. If he does well there, it makes a heck of a statement considering the region is home for McAuliffe and Moran. How do African-Americans vote in Richmond and Hampton Roads? And what about Central Virginia? Does Deeds win at home, or do McAuliffe and Moran pull off an upset in C’ville?

Staffing: NBC29 is all over this primary. Christina Mora has been out at polling places in Charlottesville all morning. Henry Graff is with Deeds in C’ville tonight. Matt Talhelm covers Moran’s party in Alexandria. And I’m with McAuliffe in Alexandria. Watch for reports from the trail later tonight.

Lt. Gov: Don’t forget that voters will also select a Democrat to run for lieutenant governor. Former Kaine administration official Jody Wagner is leading in many polls. She’s up against Mike Signer, who was a senior advisor to former Gov. Mark R. Warner.

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