A McAuliffe Surge?

Terry McAuliffe’s campaign says “don’t count us out yet.”

Mo Elleithee, senior advisor to McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign, says internal polling numbers show a tie between McAuliffe and Creigh Deeds.

The campaign surveyed a total of 600 voters over the last three nights to reach the following conclusion:

McAuliffe: 33%

Deeds: 33%

Brian Moran: 21%

In an email to supporters, Elleithee says although the numbers aren’t definitive, they point to an encouraging trend for McAuliffe’s campaign. Elleithee acknowledges Deeds’ recent surge, but says the momentum is swinging back toward McAuliffe.

“We have every indication that voters have moved towards Terry at lightning speed within the last 48 hours,” Elleithee writes.

That said, McAuliffe just added a last-minute campaign stop this afternoon. He’s planning to be at a Vienna Metro station to greet people getting off the subway after work. Clearly, the candidate thinks he could benefit by locking up a few more votes.

McAuliffe trailed Deeds by as much 14 points in some polls conducted within the last week.

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