Weekend Campaign Wrap

As expected, the Democratic gubernatorial candidates entered the final stretch this weekend at full speed. Keep in mind, this is the tightest Democratic governor’s primary in decades.

A quick wrap of what we saw this weekend is after the jump.

Hitting Hampton Roads

All three candidates were in the important Hampton Roads region (Norfolk, Portsmouth, Hampton and Newport News) at various points this weekend. Creigh Deeds, Terry McAuliffe and Brian Moran are focusing on winning the African-American vote. It’s a critical constituency and all three campaigns know that.

Targeting Deeds

It’s clear that both McAuliffe’s and Moran’s campaigns are beginning to feel threatened by Deeds. Granted, Deeds’ surge could be attributed simply to his strong television ad buy. His team wants us to think it’s because their message is catching on. Regardless, McAuliffe’s campaign repeatedly called attention to Deeds’ voting record on gun issues. Moran’s camp, meanwhile, makes the point that Deeds has already been beaten by Republican gubernatorial nominee Bob McDonnell, during the pair’s razor-thin attorney general contest in 2005.

Clinton Calls

Former President Bill Clinton recorded a robo-call this weekend on McAuliffe’s behalf, to be used to reach potentially undecided voters. Did you get one?

Election Night Plans

We now know where all three campaigns will spend election night. Deeds will be at the Omni in Charlottesville. His event starts at 9 p.m. Both McAuliffe and Moran will be in Alexandria. Begs the question — what happens when the parties wrap up and McAuliffe and Moran rally-goers hit the streets (or bars?) in the same area?

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