Moran Back on MSNBC

Friday, I mentioned that Brian Moran got bumped from his scheduled appearance on MSNBC because President Obama’s live comments ran longer than expected.

Moran joined Norah O’Donnell in the 10 a.m. hour today for a make-up.

As he did last week on Hardball, Moran touted his legislative experience, his promise to focus on small business investments and his ability to win in November.

But he also introduced a couple of new talking points:

President Obama: Moran mentioned being a “partner” with the administration probably half a dozen times. He used the phrase “honest partner” — an interesting choice of words. Does that imply that the president has dishonest partners?

Accountability: Moran brought up his plan to have a stimulus accountability officer who would keep track of stimulus package spending in the Commonwealth.

Not once did Moran mention his progressive stance on the environment, gay rights or health care. He didn’t get a direct question about those topics, but it’s still noteworthy that Moran chose not to bring up those policy points.

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