Busy Friday

With four days left before the primary, the Democratic gubernatorial candidates are beginning what is likely to be a non-stop weekend.

As I’ve mentioned before, polls show about a quarter of likely voters are still undecided. So expect the gubernatorial hopefuls to try to hit huge portions of the state in order to lock-up votes.

Creigh Deeds will make several NoVa media appearances, capped off with a hit on MSNBC at 9:20 this morning.  Later, he’ll meet with voters in Arlington and Fredericksburg, and Deeds will finish the night calling voters in Richmond.

Terry McAuliffe is hitting restaurants in Arlington, Richmond and Charlottesville today. (He’ll be at his C’ville office on Angus Road at 2:45 this afternoon).

The Macker is traveling with Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D), who is the chairman of the Democratic Governor’s Association. Schweitzer has announced his support for McAuliffe, although not in his official capacity as DGA chairman. Nonetheless, the campaign swing has prompted a flurry of responses.

“The guy who was runored to be running for governor of New York, and wanted to be governor of Florida is having the governor of Montana tell us why he should be the governor of Virginia,” said Brian Moran campaign manager Andrew Roos.

And the Republican Governor’s Association sent this one sentence response: “Who is Brian Schweitzer?”

(Will update when I have Moran’s sked)

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