More Polls

If you look at’s “poll of polls” — in other words, an aggregation of all the various polls for next week’s primary — you can see that it’s anyone’s game.

The results are after the jump.

Creigh Deeds 27.4%

Terry McAuliffe 25.3%

Brian Moran 21.9%

Once again, that leaves a sizeable “undecided” vote that remains to ally with any of the three Democratic hopefuls.

So who does that help going into this critical final weekend?

Deeds’ campaign is touting the state senator’s recent surge. The Washington Post endorsement Deeds picked up a couple weeks ago has caused his team to focus overtime on NoVa. They just started running a new ad there, and Deeds is going gangbusters in Terry’s and Brian’s backyards.

McAuliffe is on TV in Richmond and Hampton Roads with yet another new ad, this one firing back about the “negative attacks” lobbed at his campaign. Experts say that if McAuliffe can convince people who wouldn’t necessarily vote in this primary to actually show up Tuesday, he holds the advantage.

Moran’s campaign is asking supporters to raise $50,000 in the next three days. His people believe that voters buy into Brian’s story — if they can hear his message. Thus the need for the additional cash, to go on the air with more TV ad time.

We’ll try to hone in on all the last-minute campaigning this weekend.

(Hat tip to our friends at NBC News/Washington for the Pollster data.)

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