Updated: McDonnell’s K-12 Plan

Republican gubernatorial nominee Bob McDonnell returned to the General Assembly Building today to unveil the second part of his education plan. This section focuses on K-12 education and on the expansion of charter schools. McDonnell has already rolled out his policy plan for higher ed.

Watch the story.

McDonnell admits that charter schools aren’t a magic bullet for fixing Virginia schools. But he made sure to mention (and his campaign made sure to reinforce with reporters) that the Obama administration strongly supports charters.

It’s important to note that McDonnell didn’t lay out his plan for dealing with teacher pay. And he wouldn’t talk about how he plans to pay for his education plan, though he says to expect that announcement in the coming months.

Democrats didn’t take long to respond to McDonnell’s plan. The state party targets the Republican nominee’s “crucial vote against the largest increased investment in K-12 education” when McDonnell opposed then-Gov. Mark R. Warner’s 2004 budget.

The Democratic response was pretty expected. And I predict this isn’t the last time they bring up McDonnell’s opposition to Warner’s budget.

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