The Youth Vote

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Brian Moran’s team is out with a news release this morning touting support from some of Virginia’s Young Democrats club leaders. It should be noted that the organization itself has not endorsed Moran.

This does, however, bring up the question of the importance of the youth vote in next week’s primary.

Last November, then-Sen. Barack Obama placed a huge level of attention on attracting young, first-time voters. It was really an unprecendented showing of the college crowd, largely accused of being apathetic when it comes to elections. 

The three Democratic candidates for governor have placed some emphasis on capturing the college vote, but it certainly does not seem to be a priority. Here’s why: it’s the summer.

Students are spread out, either at home, off completing internships or traveling, making them much harder to pin-down.

Plus, do you remember what it was like to not have a care in the world, no real obligations (save, perhaps, a summer job) for three whole months? Tracking down college students and convincing them to vote is no easy feat.

So don’t expect to see much attention placed on the youth vote. At least not until September, when kids will be back on campus (grounds, for you U.Va. folks) and the campaigns can reach potential voters in a more meaningful way.

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